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Diamond Shorthorns... How it all began

In 1907, Jasper Stephenson moved to Cayley, Alberta from Northumberland, England where his family had Shorthorn cattle. Jasper started a purebred Shorthorn herd in 1918 called Newbiggon. In 1964 his son Herb started the Frimley herd. Frimley was the name of the town in England where Herb met his wife Billie during the 2nd World War. The original foundation cow was Braeside Rosy Dawn. There are descendants of Rosy Dawn in the herd today. Other foundation females were added from Bill Pethybridge (Susan’s), Cecil Staples Diamond herd (May’s, Dottie’s, Belle’s), Winalot (Maid’s and Mae’s) Rothney (Clippers, Beauty’s and Simplicity’s) Newbiggon (Baroness), Eionmor (Lily's and Ruby's), and Kenlene (Secret Maid's)


In 1972 Herb’s son in law and daughter Gary and Terry Carter imported Mandalong Super Flag, Mandalong Royal Ferrari, and two Mandalong Roany cows from Australia to add to their Newbiggon herd. (Terry and Gary had taken over the Newbiggon herd name). These bloodlines were concentrated in the herd for several years and still used today. 

In 1976 when Cecil Staples dispersed the original Diamond herd that had been located at Bindloss, Alberta Dan Stephenson obtained several females. Dan had been working with Cecil on shares for couple of years prior to the dispersal. The Diamond herd was noted for structural soundness easy fleshing and above average size for the times. There was Thomas breeding through two herd sires Thomas Max 11Z and Thomas Leader 13C. Dan also acquired the Diamond herd name and the Double Diamond brand.

Over the years many bulls from all over North America have been used in the Diamond and Frimley herds. Bulls exerting the most impact on the herd in the last twenty five years are Gafa Macbest 6G, Diamond Captain Mark 27C, Circle M Ghost Rider 10G, Eionmor Chief 16H, Eionmor Ideal 61M, Northern Lengend 3N, Diamond Regal Legend 4R, Diamond Rising Legend 1R, Diamond Prophecy 21P, Diamond Xplosion 23X, Diamond Lord Belmore 56B, and Diamond Belvedere 29B.

The current walking bulls at Diamond for 2024 Diamond Krugerrand 24K, Diamond Limelight 2L, Diamond Lithium Energy 8L, Diamond Lucrative 25L and Mapleton Grande Fillet M2G a Heritage Shorthorn. AI sires and embryo transfer are also used in the herd.


Braeside Rosy Dawn Dan Stephenson's first purebred female

Cecil and me Fencing at Frimley.JPG

Cecil Staples and Dan Stephenson fencing at Frimley Farm


Diamond Herd 1988


Diamond Herd 2021

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