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In 1993 we purchased some heifer calves from Ralph Peterson, Cactus Flat Shorthorns. Included in this group was a deep bodied red heifer by Broome Quality and out of Cactus Flat Alexis a very attractive daughter of HS Instant Enticer. Clare went on to be an exceptional producer. Her first calf was Frimley Eclaire 4E that went to the Seaborns, Crooked Post Shorthorns and founded the Clair family in their herd. Besides producing several fine replacement females Clare produced the 1999 Agribition Grand champion bull Frimley Captain Jim 38J a bull that went on to be a top sire in the Glenford herd. Tofts Shorthorns took full sibling embryos to Frimley Captain Jim 38J to Scotland and produced their herd bull Tofts Captain X698 and Tofts Commander X679 was used at Rowanley Shorthorns. Like the Baroness family the Clares also trace back to one of the first cows imported to Canada, Beauty (30). The Clares are now in several herds in Alberta and Saskatchewan.



S: Northern Legend 3N

D: Frimley Pretty Clare 18P

2W is from the heart of the herd and is one of the best females we have ever sold.  We took the opportunity to purchase her back with Woodruff Ranches the moment it arose. We've flushed her to a number of unique sires and will see her influence for many years  

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