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We are consigning the bulls below to the Cowman’s Advantage Bull Sale
which will be held at Innisfail Auction Market on April 2, 2016.

Diamond Cobra 29C Diamond Comet 18C Diamond Constellation 2C
Diamond Cobra 29C Diamond Comet 18C Diamond Constellation 2C
Diamond Country Act 34C Diamond Crowd Control 15C Diamond Bold Future 25B
Diamond Country Act 34C Diamond Crowd Control 15C Diamond Bold Future 25B
Diamond Bravo 57B
Diamond Bravo 57B

Cowman’s Advantage sale poster

Click on the picture above to view a sale poster.

Thanks to Richard Tegart for his purchase of Northern Alphonso 15A.

Northern Alphonso 15A

Thanks also to Lonny Flack and Family of Oakview Shorthorns,
Nevada, Iowa for their purchase of Diamond Zulu 3Z.

Diamond Zulu 3Z

Past Sale Catalogues

Click on the cover or the name of the sale catalogues below to view them in pdf version.

2013 All That Glitters Sale Catalogue 2008 All That Glitters Treasure Chest Sale Catalogue 2006 All That Glitters Sale Catalogue
2013 Sale Catalogue 2008 Sale Catalogue 2006 Sale Catalogue

Diamond Shorthorns Tibial Hemimelia (TH) Policy

At Diamond Shorthorns we recognize the importance of testing and identifying carriers of the genetic defect Tibial Hemimelia (TH).  We have started getting results back on our herd.  We first tested the AI bulls and walking bulls that have an influence on our current fall sale cattle as well as the cattle themselves.  We will be testing the balance of the herd this fall.  Our policy regarding carriers is the following - We will not sell carrier cattle for purebred or commercial breeding stock.  At the recent "All That Glitters" sale we withdrew three lots identified as THC from our consignment.  Any top end THC females will be bred to non carrier bulls, the resulting offspring tested and again only non carriers will be offered for sale.  All bull calves kept to be sold for breeding will also be tested and again only TH free bulls will be sold.  Many good animals that could not previously be tested can now be identified and their TH Free offspring can still benefit the breed.  We are pleased that Northern Legend 3N, Diamond Captain Mark 27C, Emerald Bigtime 49B, Diamond Northern Gold 5N and Diamond Regal Legend 4R have tested TH free.  Gafa Captain Macbest 6G has been identified as a TH carrier.  We have several top producing daughters of 6G in our herd that will be tested.  We have already tested some TH free offspring from these cows and the 6G influence will continue to be felt in our herd through his TH free daughters and the TH free offspring of carrier daughters.  We feel it is of utmost importance that carrier bulls are never offered as breeding stock for commercial herds.

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